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Cross posting Facebook Instagram – Should I do it?

Creating social media posts is a lot of work. That is why cross posting Facebook to Instagram has become quite common. So SHOULD you be cross posting between Facebook and Instagram, or between other social platforms?

My advice is to re-use the content IDEA but to create UNIQUE content for each platform (not only instagram and Facebook, but also Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn)! So no crossposting Facebook Instagram or any other channel! For personal posts, it’s fine of course, but not for businesses.Here are my reasons why I am against cross posting: 

  1.  The people that follow you on both channels will see your message twice. It is not a problem is they see the same general idea twice, but I believe it is more powerful if it is packaged differently and presented in a way that matches the platform. This is your tribe! Your loyal fans! They deserve more than copy-paste.
  2. Quite a biggie: Facebook posts that you post organically directly on Facebook have a better reach than posts that are shared from other platforms.
  3. The channels work differently, for example, instagram does not allow breaker spaces, so many people use “,” instead of a breaker space / white text line. FB had normal white space, and I HATE seeing those on Facebook, I stop reading, because I know it is just a post copied from Instagram.
  4. Same counts for the use of hashtags. Having 20 to 30 hashtags on Instagram is smart, but on Facebook it just looks… like a post copied from Instagram.
  5. The channels are different in terms of audience. They are also different in focus. Instagram focuses on images. What works on Instagram doesn’t necessarily work on Facebook! 
  6. The ideal image sizes are different too. Instagram prefers square images and Facebook prefers landscape.

 Those are my reasons to say: do NOT copy paste your messages between platforms. The only reason to do it is that it saves time. But we are here to stand out, not to save time  But of course we can re-use ideas across platforms!  What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Would you like help with your social media strategy or your business growth? Check out my coaching programs or Join my Facebook Group all about online visibility and business growth!  

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cross posting facebook instagram

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