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Facebook Group Post Ideas – 29 ideas to post in your Facebook Group

Do you struggle with finding ideas for what to post inside your Facebook Group? In this article, I will give you 29 Facebook Group Content Ideas, so you will have enough Facebook Posts for 4 WEEKS weeks of daily content creation! Whoop whoop!

I’ve tried all these post types inside my own Facebook Group and on my social media channels, so I know they work! 

Facebook Group post ideas – what to keep in mind 

Before we dive into the ideas, let me first explain the goals of your Facebook Group posts (or more general, your social media content). Each piece of content you create should serve at least one of these goals:

  • Attracting new people into your audience (followers / email subscribers / viewers)
  • Building the “know like trust” factor with your audience: making sure that your audience know who you are, like what you do and trust you to be the best person to deliver the products/services to them and trust that your products and services are the best in the market.
  • Making an actual offer to buy from you or work with you.
  • Delivering value: teaching your audience something that they didn’t know before.
  • Creating engagement. People are on social media to be social and have fun. Content that lets them do that will always be successful. Make sure to sprinkle it in with your more serious / business oriented other content!

With that in mind, it’s recommend you use a mix of post types throughout the week, so you reach each of these goals.

29 Facebook Group post ideas

These Facebook Group post ideas will help you attract new people, boost your know-like-trust factor, sell without being salesy, deliver value and engage your audience!

  1. A “behind the scenes” photo or story where you give a glimpse into your company
  2. A photo of your office / store / workplace
  3. A sneak peak for a new product or a new service that will be arriving soon
  4. An article about a topic that is important to your customers
  5. Your freebie / lead magnet
  6. Your product being used
  7. A book review
  8. Your favorite quote or mantra
  9. A worksheet / checklist
  10. A testimonial from a happy customer
  11. A list of your other social media channels
  12. A contest
  13. A tip that helps your followers save money
  14. Your favorite app or website
  15. A photo of a fan or follower
  16. Your favorite influencer or “guru”
  17. A thank you to your followers
  18. A trending news item
  19. A market research question (for example to learn more about what your followers would want to buy)
  20. A personal story
  21. A live video
  22. A special offer
  23. Your mission
  24. Something fun or funny (cat videos always do well haha)
  25. A mini training / tutorial
  26. A roundup post, where you summarize, for example, what has happened on all your channels in the past week
  27. Something new you’ve learned recently
  28. An event
  29. Your morning routine. 

Woohoo! That’s it! Are you ready to learn more about Facebook Groups? You can now purchase my course Whoop Whoop Facebook Group.

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