How to get unstuck in business – 6 easy ways to change how you feel

One of the topics that comes up often during my sessions with clients, is that they are feeling stuck, and they are not sure how to get unstuck!

This is super frustrating, and usually the result of them trying #allthethings when it comes to their marketing and selling, without results.

What I help with as a business coach, is coming up and implementing a strategy which WILL get results. But that process takes time…

So before you get to that point, how can you get out of that state of feeling stuck, even if the road ahead is maybe not yet super clear??

🔜 You can change how you feel about the situation, by changing your thoughts about the situation!

Changing how you feel within 5 minutes

Here are some ways you can change your energy around feeling stuck in your business (or even stuck in quarantine!!!), and they all take less than 5 minutes:

🌼 Think back to a time when you weren’t feeling stuck regarding this topic. What were you doing / feeling / thinking? Be super specific so you can embody that moment.

🌼 Think ahead to a time when you will no longer feel stuck. Imagine what it’s like, what will you do / think / feel, with as much detail as possible. This will help you shift how you feel about the here and now too.

🌼 Call someone who you know can help and chat about it.

🌼 Reframe what you are telling yourself. If you keep saying ‘I am stuck’ then guess what happens, you will stay in that situation. Instead tell yourself something like ‘I am on my way towards clarity (or whatever it is you need to get unstuck), I am supported and I trust the process’. This could be a mantra / affirmation you tell yourself every time you jump back into feeling stuck mode.

🌼 Force yourself out of thinking mode. Go for a run, or a walk. Dance. Scream. Jump around the room like a crazy person. Work in your garden, if you have one. This is my magic trick, whenever I feel stuck I go and work in my garden and the feeling just disappears within minutes. Weird huh 😆.

🌼 Have a look at Goldie Hawn’s #laughingchallenge on Instagram. That will create an immediate change in how you feel 😆

You can try out some of these to find out which one works best for you. The good news is, they can all work and they can all help you change how you feel about your situation, even if the situation itself doesn’t change 😍.

These 6 ways to get unstuck, are of course focused on the short term.

Getting unstuck in the long term

When it comes to getting unstuck in the long term, I usually find that entrepreneurs who feel stuck, struggle with one of these 7 topics:

  1. Having a clear long term vision
  2. Finding a niche
  3. Creating offers that sell
  4. Getting clear on their messaging (messaging that engages and converts)
  5. Growing an engaged audience of ideal potential customers
  6. Being able to turn leads into paying customers
  7. Mindset (fear of getting visible, fear of failure, fear of success.

The key to getting unstuck, is finding out which of these 7 elements is causing the issues for you, and then coming up with a strategy to turn that around and make it work for your personality and business.

And that is what I help my clients with! So if you want help actually getting unstuck when it comes to your marketing and sales, then I’d love to have a chat about my coaching.  Together, we will create and implement marketing and sales strategies that are actually authentic, doable and fun, so you will never need to feel stuck again 🥳. How does that sound?

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