how to make your business less dependent on you
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How To Make Your Business Less Dependent On You

In the past few weeks, I’ve been a bit absent in my business. Kids holiday, sick kid, sick dog, and sick me. Ouch.I am so happy that I have processes in place that allow my marketing and sales to continue, even when I am not actively marketing and selling for a while. In this blog post I want to share with you how you can make your business less dependent on you.  

1. Schedule your content

You can schedule your content ahead! I use Smarterqueue *. Smarterqueue is a content scheduler for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It has a way to queue up content, so that an endless stream of posts can be created that will automatically go out. For example, every Sunday, I post a quote inside my Facebook Group. I’ve created a set of about 40 quotes (took me 2 hours once using canva) and Smarterqueue will post those automatically, and then after 40 weeks, it will re-post the same set of quotes (unless I add new ones). I also have a post that will automatically schedule my blog posts to my Facebook Page, so that a blog post goes out weekly. Every time a new blog post gets created, I simply add it to the queue. Very helpful! * You can use my affiliate link to sign up to Smarterqueue’s free trial. You will get double the trial length, and should you decide to sign up for Smarterqueue’s paid version, then I will receive a small commission, at no additional charge to you. Using a scheduler like this does of course does NOT replace your entire marketing and sales process. You also need to be present to engage and you need to write posts that are in the moment, BUT it does allow you to have a stream of content going out, even while you are not working on your marketing for a period of time. 

2. Focus on content that has a LONG life span

Content on social media usually lives a very short time, less than a day. There are however other types of content that can live for weeks, months, or even YEARS!

I recommend you focus at least half of your content creation time on these types of content. Here are three great ways to do this:

  1. Create blogs, and optimize them, so that they can get found in Google.
  2. Use Pinterest to direct traffic to your blog posts
  3. Speak on podcasts

My best blog posts and pins have been getting me a steady stream of traffic, both through Pinterest and Google, for the last 2 years. I created them once, and they still get me traffic. And from that traffic, I get people on my email list. Even when I am not working!The same goes for speaking on podcasts (I don’t do this myself a lot). Many people will still listen to old podcast episodes, and that will get you visibility for a long period of time! 

3. Create an evergreen funnel

An evergreen funnel is a sales path that can work, even if you are not present. Evergreen means that people can buy from you anytime and the product is always available for sale all the time. For example, it could be ads that run to a webinar that sells your course. Or ads that run to your web store. This is a strategy that I would recommend once you have a solid sales process in place to sell your products and services organically (so that you know that your marketing works), and you are ready for the next step. I am currently working on mine, woohoo! 

4. Hire a VA.

It’s fabulous to have someone in your business who can support you when you are not there! I do recommend that you only hire a VA once you know that your marketing is working organically, because only then will you be able to hand things over to a VA who can support you! That’s it, 4 ways to let your marketing and sales continue, even if you are off! If you are still new in your business, then I recommend focusing on 1 & 2, if you are further ahead and your organic marketing is working, then you can continue with 3&4!That’s it, four ways to make your business depend less on YOU! Here’s what to do next:

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