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Is Canva Pro worth it?

In this blog post, I want to answer: is Canva Pro worth it?As an online solopreneur, I truly believe that Canva is one of the best tools that the market place has to offer. I use it daily to easily create all my own graphics, without the need to hire a designer. 

Is Canva Pro worth it?

My answer is: yes! Let me tell you more why I love Canva Pro:

Canva Pro Benefits – 1: Creating your Own Brand Kit

A Brand Kit inside Canva allows you to store your own logo, colours, and fonts, so that you can super easily re-use them time and time again when you are creating your graphics. 

This is what my brand kit looks like in Canva:

Any time I want to change a color when I am creating a graphic, my brand colours will automatically be pulled up, as you can see in the image below:

When you ask me is Canva Pro worth it, I would say JUST this one Brand Kit feature makes it totally worth the investment, because it saves you so much time and because it makes creating graphics quickly and easily so much more enjoyable!

Canva Pro Benefits – 2 – Lots of stock photos

A way larger database of free stock photos that you can use for all your content creation. This means that you will never be out of photos every again, because the photo inventory is huge, and it makes it easier to stand out online, compared to when you are using the more limited database of the free Canva version.

Canva Pro Benefits – 3 – Super easy resizing

Canva pro allows you to resize an image with 1 click of a button. For example, if you have an image that was made for Facebook (horizontal format), and you want to turn it into a square version for Instagram, then you can do that with just 1 click of a button. The new image will have the right size, but it will need some tweaking to make it look good, so I would say this is a benefit of Canva Pro, but not such a convincing one as the two above.


So is Canva Pro worth it?

If you are creating images on a daily basis for your business (which you should be doing if you are on social media), then yes, the pro version will make your life a lot easier and will make it easier for you to stand out online.  

Ready to sign up for Canva Pro? You can use my link! This is an affiliate link, which means that I will receive a small commission if you decide to sign up for the paid version of canva through my link. 

That’s it, the benefits of Canva Pro, I hope this helped!

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