Legal Pages For Websites

Legal Pages for Websites – Which Pages Do I Need?

Are you wondering about legal pages for websites? With new laws coming into place like GDPR in the EU (2018) and CCPA in California (2020), focus on privacy and data protection has increased massively.

Here is an overview of the must-have legal pages for websites:

Terms and conditions of sale

These terms and conditions address everything related to the purchase and after sales from your website, so that it’s clear for a future client what working with you looks like.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy has become more and more important since new laws have been introduced, like GDPR in Europe. The privacy policy describes how you handle visitors’ and customers’ personal data.

Copyright notice

This one is relatively easy, you can place a copyright note in the footer of your website that includes the name of the copyright owner plus the year that the content was published and the year that is was updated. Copyright [insert year] [insert your company name]. It’s not legally required, but it can help you protect your website content against copy cats.

Cookie policy

A cookie policy is required under GDPR (meaning your website needs to have it if you have website visitors from the EU on your website) if your website uses cookies (which almost every website does). It describes how your website handles cookies.

Cookie consent

The cookie consent is also required under GDPR. It is that little popup that explains how your website uses cookies and that gives your website visitors the option to opt out of certain cookies. 

Privacy Policy & Cookie Policy Generator

The good news is, you don’t have to hire a lawyer to create all these pages for you, there’s a brilliant tool called “Iubenda” that will create a 100% legal cookie policy, cookie consent and privacy policy for you for just $27 per year. You just tick the boxes of the programs you are using on your website (like Facebook Pixel, or Google Analytics) and the policies get updated accordingly. Here’s my affiliate link that will get you 10% discount off your first year. It’s definitely worth the investment compared to the thousands you need to pay to a lawyer to get these types of documents drawn up.

The good news is, Iubenda can also create custom terms and conditions of sale, but I haven’t tried this functionality yet.

I hope this was useful, here’s what you can do next:

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