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Motion vs action – the difference and why it matters for entrepreneurs!

Do you sometimes feel like you are working really hard, yet still getting no where? Then you might be in motion vs action! 

So what does that mean? Motion vs Action? 

When you are in motion, you are planning things, learning things, coming up with new ideas. And when you are taking action, you are taking those plans, those learnings, those ideas and actually implementing them.

Here’s what being in motion can look like for an online entrepreneur. You probably will recognize a few 😎:

  • Taking your 15th course, reading your 20th book
  • Creating more emails / lead magnets / courses
  • Creating plans / plannings / quarterly goals
  • Consuming other people’s content
  • Making a list of social media content ideas / blog post ideas
  • Redoing your website / brand colours / logo
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Asking for opinions / feedback / ideas
  • Hiring a coach.

Moving forward by taking action on the other hand means that you are doing things that will have a concrete RESULT.

And here’s what taking action looks like for an online entrepreneur:

  • Implementing everything you’ve learned in a course
  • Actually sending those emails you came up with
  • Actively promoting your lead magnets, so that your list grows
  • Executing your plans, so that your ideas become reality
  • Taking action based on the content you consume, instead of just consuming more and more content
  • Implementing your ideas / things you’ve learned based on the questions you ask
  • Taking everything your coach offers you and implementing it like crazy

So why are so many entrepreneurs stuck in motion vs action?

I think it’s because we are creative by nature and we love coming up with new ideas and plans more than that we love implementing stuff (the details).

Being in motion keeps you busy, and that feels good.

Being in motion is comfortable. Being in motion is EASY!

Well, here’s the thing: just being in motion is not enough.

You need to take action. Uncomfortable, scary, hard action. Face the fears of what might happen if you actually start selling or showing up or implementing everything you learned.

Taking action is harder, because it requires you to step out of your comfort zone, and to do things that are hard, scary, and probably also just plain uninspiring.

But making that shift from mainly being in motion to taking action might be the one thing that can propel your business forward in the coming months!

My question to you today is to look at what you are doing on a daily / weekly basis and to ask yourself: am I in motion or am I moving forward? And if the answer is in motion, then the solution is: start taking action using the examples in the list above.

By the way, this insight came from this article I read last week by James Clear about motion vs action. He said that many smart people are busy being in motion, instead of being busy taking action. Check it out, super interesting (but make sure to take action from it afterwards 😉).

ps. If you need help moving from being in motion to taking that scary uncomfortable action to get visible in your business so that you can get more clients, then I’m here to help with my coaching. Check out my coaching services here

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