from idea to entrepreneur – for new entrepreneurs

Are you ready to turn your Passion into Profits? With this highly customized entrepreneur coaching program, we will work 1-on-1 for 6 intensive and super exciting months, so you can confidently launch your dream business. Are you ready to finally do what you were meant to do and make an impact in the world?

Hey new entrepreneur. Does this sound familiar?

  • You have been walking around with this business idea in your mind that you are super passionate about.
  • You want to start your own business, but you are not sure if and how you can make money with your idea.
  • You feel overwhelmed by all the steps you need to take to build your new business, such as social media, technology, website and products

What if you had a motivated and very experienced mentor by your side? Someone to guide you through the exact steps you need to take to launch your business. To have a clear plan for turning that unique idea into a business. A business that you will love AND that you can make money with. And all of this with confidence and ease, instead of overwhelm and stress…

You can achieve just that with the From Idea to Entrepreneur coaching program. This coaching program for new online entrepreneurs will guide you through the steps you need to take to confidently launch your new business.

I am Paulien, business coach for entrepreneurs with purpose-driven brands (or brand ideas). It is my mission to help you turn your unique business ideas into an authentic and profitable business, so your purpose-driven brand can have an impact in the world. I have 18 years of experience in growing 8-figure online businesses & an MSc in Industrial Engineering and Entrepreneurship Training from Harvard Business School. I decided to switch careers from startup CEO to business coach, to follow my passion of helping people succeed and reach their full potential. You can read more about my background here.

What you will get out of the program

I created the Idea to Entrepreneur program to help new entrepreneurs turn their business idea into a real business within six months. Building a business that is profitable, true to your passion and talents and that makes a real impact in the world, is the basis of my coaching. The program will bring you:

Clarity on Next Steps

One of the main challenges of a new entrepreneur is knowing what to do next. I will mentor you through this journey, so you will have clear next steps and focus, without the overwhelm and confusion of trying to work on everything at once.

Increased Confidence

Becoming an entrepreneur can be scary. And overwhelming. I know, cause I’ve been there, 3 times. I also know that you CAN do this, and I am here to support you, motivate you and give you the confidence that yes, you will make this happen!

Strong Business model

Many new entrepreneurs are passionate and very knowledgeable about their business idea, but not sure if and how they can make money with that idea. That’s my specialty! I will help you find an authentic and profitable business model for your idea!

What you will learn & do

Part 1: Your Mission & Vision

The first part of the coaching will be all about you: the reasons why you want to start a business, your purpose, your lifestyle goals and your values. This will be the foundation for the next steps.

Your Lifestyle Goals

Your business should enable you to reach your lifestyle goals: how much money do you want to make? What does your ideal work-life balance look like? We will create a clear vision on your lifestyle goals and use that as the starting point for your business.

Your Talents & Passion

I am convinced that you should build a business in something that you are truly passionate about AND that allows you to use your unique talents. We will identify your passion and talents using the MBTI personality profile.

Your Why & Your Values

You have a business idea, a grand vision of what you want to achieve. We will dig deeper to find your why, your purpose and the mission of your new business.

Part 2: From Idea to Plan

Once we are clear on your mission, core values and lifestyle goals, we will dive into your business idea. What problem will you be solving? Who are your ideal clients and what are they looking for when they purchase your products or services? And what will be your exact solution?

The Problem You Solve

Based on your why, we will look deeper into your business idea. What is the problem that you are solving with your product or service? What will be your UNIQUE selling point?

Your Ideal Clients

You will identify who your ideal clients or customers are, where you can find them and how you want to work with them or sell to them.


Your Solution

Taking your lifestyle goals, your why, what you learned about the problem you solve and your ideal clients into account, we will define your solution: the exact product or service you are going to sell.

Part 3: Making it HAPPEN

And then it’s time to turn your idea into a real business! We will develop a strategy to help you get visible online, find potential customers and turn them into customers. We will also work on an inspiring plan for your future growth! And (not the most exciting part, but a super important part), we will make all the tech work too!

How You Will Make Money

It’s time for the number crunching (no worries, I will help you)! How can you make money with your product and service, how many clients will you need to reach your lifestyle goals, and what will be your cost structure?

Your brand

We will create your brand and your unique story that will set you apart from everyone else in the market. We will make sure to align the brand with your why, your core values and your personality type.

Finding Customers

We will make a plan for your marketing and sales. How can you find potential customers and turn them into leads, in a way that feels authentic and doable for you!

Your Online Presence

We will work on your establishing your online presence. You will get free access to my online program Websites that Sell.


Your Plan for Growth

You will create a crystal clear plan for the period after you launch, so you will know exactly what to work on to make your business a success.


You will make a plan for your launch: all the steps you need to take to be ready to serve your first clients. Woop woop!


Paulien helped me form a concrete business plan from what seemed to be just a dream. We started by talking about what drives me and what I want my business to be.  Our discussions led to a clear and strong mission, vision and business values I really stand by.

Extensive customer research made it easy to narrow down my ideas and it opened my eyes for new opportunities at the same time. Paulien’s brainstorm skills will help you think outside the box.

What really helped me putting my plan together is Paulien’s eye for opportunities and ideas that will help build a profitable business and get the most out of your products. She knows from experience that putting yourself and your products out there is scary. Her step by step approach make the process less intimidating and a lot of fun.

Paulien is very supportive and knows when to push you and when to give you time. She will always try to figure out what’s holding you back or gives you tons of energy. This has been very valuable for me during the process of building my business.

I’m almost ready to launch now and thanks to Paulien I feel confident that my business is going to be here to stay.

Annelies Buijs (Utrecht, the Netherlands)

Owner, PerAbuijs

is this program right for me?

Is this you?

  • You are a smart and passionate new entrepreneur.
  • You have a unique business idea and you are ready to take action to turn that idea into a profitable and authentic business.
  • You are committed to invest in coaching. Now! You have at least 8 hours a week available to work on your business, preferably more. Growing a business takes time and effort.
  • You are planning to sell and/or market online.
  • You want to develop both your business skills and your confidence as an entrepreneur.

Does this sound like you? Then you are a fantastic fit for the Idea to Entrepreneur program.

how will we work?

The coaching program will be virtual (unless you live near Eindhoven, Netherlands…).

We will have weekly calls. Some of the calls will be training calls, some of them Q&A, and some of them coaching calls, where we talk about your challenges.

After every call, you will receive work sheets, cheat sheets and assignments, tailored to your needs, to help you move forward in your business. Your will also get access to my library with video trainings for each of the topics we will work on. You will use the videos and worksheets to prepare the next call and to keep moving forward.

You can also contact me in between calls via e-mail, in case you get stuck and I will provide personalized feedback on your work.


what is my investment?

There are 2 easy payment options for the from Idea to Entrepreneur Coaching Program:


4,999 euro / US$ 5,599

One-time payment

monthly payments

899 euro / US$ 999 per months

6 payments

The price includes:

  • Weekly 1-hour 1-on-1 coaching sessions through Zoom or Skype.
  • Access to online training modules with videos, business tools, templates, work sheets and cheat sheets.
  • E-mail or What’s App access in between sessions, so you will never get stuck.

Turn your unique business idea into a profitable and authentic business!

frequently asked questions

This is expensive, is there a cheaper option?

I know this is a considerable investment and this can be a real stretch, especially if you are new.
It is my experience that you will get the very best results if we have weekly calls and you can send me messages in between calls so you never get stuck. That is what makes this program expensive, and it is also what will get you most results!

How much time will I need to dedicate to the program?

The 6 month duration of the program sounds quite long. But launching a new business requires a lot of time and attention! The work we do in the coaching program is the work you’ll need to do to launch your business.

I recommend you set aside at least 8 to 16 hours per week to work on setting up your business.

I personally don’t think it is realistic to launch a business next to a full-time job.

What are the payment terms?

You will pay monthly in advance through Paypal (you will receive a link to a page where you can fill out your details and activate the payment). You can also pay everything upfront to get a discount.

What if I miss a call?

You can reschedule your calls up to 24 hours in advance, and maximum 2 times.

How will we plan the calls?

You will get direct access to my schedule to plan your calls at a time that is suitable for you. Please note that I am in the Central European Timezone. My availability ranges from 7 AM CET to 9 PM CET.

What if I have more than 1 business idea?

No problem at all! We will start the program by evaluating your ideas and finding the idea that will work best for you.

What if I don't have a business idea yet?

Let’s plan a free discovery call to see whether the coaching program would be a good fit for you!

What happens when the 6 months are over?

After the 6 months, you can either join my (soon to be launched) membership for continued support, or we can still work one on one with a monthly flexible package.