strategy sessions

Solve your biggest challenge and get unstuck!

Is there something in your business that is keeping you stuck? Do you have a specific challenge you want to solve?

That is exactly what my strategy sessions are for!

Strategize, brainstorm, ask all your questions and have me as a mentor by your side, whenever you need me. These strategy sessions are perfect for ad hoc strategic support!

what can we work on?

I specialize in business strategy, online visibility and e-commerce. With my 18 years of business experience, and more than 12 years as a CEO, I have seen it all. You can plan a free 30-minute growth call with me as a taster session and to see if we are a good fit!

We can use the sessions to go over all your questions, we can brainstorm, we can discuss 1 specific challenge, whatever gets you unstuck. Here are example topics of what we can cover:

  • How can I increase my revenues / profit? What should be my focus?
  • How can I get started with Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Google ?
  • How can I improve my results on Facebook/ Instagram / Pinterest / Google ?
  • What can I do to get more results with less time and less overwhelm?
  • What are potential areas for growth in my business?
  • How can I turn my business idea into a product / service / package?
  • How can I get more visible without burning out?


Sounds good! And what is the investment?

You can buy 1 up to 20 sessions at once.  




New Client First Session

New clients can book an initial 90-minute consultation for €75 / $85. That’s 50% off the regular price, plus 30 additional minutes for free! Book now >>


How does it work?

I need this, what are the next steps?
  1. You can click on the “book now” links above. These will lead you to a page where you can pay. All sessions are pre-paid.
  2. Once you pay, you will get straight access to my schedule, where you can find a place and time that suit you.
  3. When you book your call, you will fill out a short form that will allow me to prepare for the call, so you can get most out of it!
What is your availability for the sessions?

You will get access to my schedule to plan your sessions. I am available between 9AM and 9PM Central European Time.  You can check out my schedule here.

What is the difference between Strategy Sessions and CEO mentoring or a full coaching package?
  • The strategy sessions are perfect for shorter, stand alone questions, whereas mentoring and coaching is more long term and much broader in scope.
  • The rates do not include email access or what’s app access to me, like the CEO mentoring and the full coaching packages.