Writing blog posts can be a daunting task!! To help you speed up the process, to make it easier, AND to make sure you are reaching your blogging goals, this article will explain how to write a blog post. It also contains a free Blog Post Checklist!

I will walk you through how to write a blog post, the steps you need to take before you start writing, during writing, and after you finish writing, so you will get the most out of your blogging efforts.


how to write a blog post - Paulien Pierik Business Coach


How to write a blog post step 1: Before you start writing


Come up with an idea for the content and decide on the goal of the blog

The most important step in how to write a blog post, is picking a topic and deciding on a goal for your post. Don’t just pick a topic, but think about how writing about that topic will help your customers. Writing a blog post should always have a reason. Here are some great reasons to write a blog post:

  • Connecting to your customers, by sharing a story. This will increase your “know, like and trust factor”, and it will make your readers connect to you and your business.
  • Informing your visitors about topics related to your products and services. For example: information they need before they are ready to buy. Information they need after they buy. Help in deciding which products are best for them.
  • Getting traffic to your website, because you are optimizing your blog post for SEOs

For this blog post, for example, my goal is to help my readers get more results from their blogging efforts, and also to make the process easier and faster for them. That’s my primary goal. My secondary goal is to increase my “know, like and trust factor”. Are you liking, knowing and trusting me a little bit more already 😎?


Decide which call to action you want your blog post to have

Each blog post should have a call to action: a next step that you want your visitors to take after they read your blog post. It could be to download a free document you created, to sign up for your email list, to check out your store, to sign up for a free trial, etc. Just make sure that you make it super easy for your visitors to take a next step towards contacting you!

The call to action for this blog post for me will be to download a free blog post checklist, which will then also give me a chance to ask people to subscribe to my email list. Just click on the download image below to get your free checklist on how to write a blog post!

Free blog post checklist


Do keyword research

You always want to make sure that your are focusing on the right keywords with your blog post. Meaning: you are increasing the chance that you will get free traffic to your blog article! A super easy way to do a quick keyword check, is by using the chrome plugin keywords everywhere. It will help you understand the best keywords for your blog post, how competitive those keywords are, and how many people are actually searching for that keyword. It is a free plugin and you can download it here. Highly recommended!

Here’s an example for this blog post: I wanted it to be about “blog post checklist”. What keywords everywhere tells me, is that that particular keyword has a very low search volume. So even though I wanted my blog post to be about that, I changed my mind and chose a keyword that has a much higher search volume (and thus potential for me to get people to my website). See that small text right under the search bar? This is where keywords everywhere tell me the search volume per month (the number of people that search for this topic, worldwide, per month), the expected CPC (this is the expected cost of advertising, in case you’d want to advertise on Google for this keyword) and the competition. The lower the competition, the better.

Draft a great headline

The headline is the most important part of your blog post. If the headline isn’t attractive, people won’t read on. So make sure to spend enough time on drafting a headline that attracts your ideal customers. This article by Hubspot gives more insight into how to create a great headline.

For this article, I decided to use my keyword as the title, plus I added the checklist to show that there is a free download.

How to write a blog post step 2: While writing your blog post


Create attractive content

Lots of text is booooring. Make sure to not only have text, but to also add other forms of content, like images, or video. Break your text up into paragraphs, and add sub titles, so it’s clear what you are talking about where. A rule of thumb is to use an image for every 300 words in your text. For this post, I am inserting screen shots and examples, to break the text up. I am also using the bold subtitles, to break the text up in smaller parts, to make it visually easier to interpret. I might add a video later :-).

Add links

Link to other relevant blog posts and parts of your website, if you have more relevant free content to share. If relevant, link out to sources that you quote, or websites that are relevant for your audience. This helps those websites in their SEO, and they might return the favor! As you can see, I am linking out to a few great sources for more detailed information in this article, and also to my own sources, if available, like the free blog post checklist. What I also do, is make notes of all the topics that I link out for, because those are probably topics that I might want to create content around myself in the future!

Create valuable content

Valuable content means: valuable content for YOUR ideal customer. What do THEY want to learn or read about the topic you are writing about? Valuable content also means solving a real problem for your readers and giving them an in-depth answer. 300 words is a minimum for a good blog post.

My way of making this article valuable, is by adding my own example from this blog post to bring it to live with example, and by offering the free download. Is this article valuable for you? I’d love to hear in the comments! If I could change anything to make it more valuable, then feel free to let me know too!

Optimize for SEO

Important! Optimize your blog post, so Google finds it and shows it when people search for it!  This detailed article by Alexa gives 36 ways to optimize your blog post for SEO

How to write a blog post step 3: Before posting the blog

Okay, so you are ready writing your blog post. Here are the checks you need to do before publishing it, so you can get the most out of your blog post:

Decide where you want to share your blog post

Next to getting free traffic from Google to your blog post, it’s also a good idea to actively promote it. Before you publish the article, make a plan of where you want to promote it. For example: Facebook page, Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.

I will post this blog in my Facebook Group, because I am doing a Live today on blogging. I will also add it to my Facebook Page and my Instagram. I am working on implementing a recurring feed on my Facebook Page, so I can automatically re-post blog posts, so they get continuous views. I will also create a Pin for this article!

Create supporting graphics

Create graphics to promote your blog on each of the social channels. I also highly recommend you create a Pin for Pinterest for each blog post, because that can get you free traffic to your blog post for a way longer period than the other social channels. New to Pinterest? Make sure to check out this free training.

I recommend you create specific graphics for each channel. They can have the same content, but make sure to adjust them, so they are created specifically for that platform. That will get you better results! Here is an example of my graphics on this post about how to write a blog post. I created a blog post graphic, a Facebook graphic and a Pin. Canva can easily create the right size for you for your Facebook image and Pin, with the blog post graphic as the starting point.

Graphics for Social Channels

Spell and grammar check

Read through your article, and check spelling and grammer. There is no faster way to decrease the trust people have in you, than by launching a blog post that is full of spelling errors…

Check SEO

Next to optimizing your blog post text for SEO, also make sure to optimize your post in your backend, by filling out the meta title, meta description, and making sure you optimize your URL with keywords in the URL too.


How to write a blog post step 4: After posting the blog

Once you are done creating and writing your blog post, the work is not done! It is SUPER important that you spend time on your blog posts after you create and post them.

Promote it!

Promote your blog article on all the channels you chose in the step above. If the content is evergreen (meaning: it is also relevant for future readers), then make sure to also promote it in the future, for example on your Facebook Page. You should spend at least as much time on promoting the content as you spend on creating it!

Check your analytics

Have a regular look at your analytics, so you can see which articles are performing best. Don’t have analytics (like Google Analytics) yet? INSTALL IT NOW!!

That’s it, my blog post checklist. You can go through this checklist and see if I used it for this blog post 😊. Curious if I missed anything.

Oh yes, my call to action! Make sure to download your FREE blog post checklist on how to write a blog post. You can refer back to it every time you create a blog post!

How to write the perfect blog post and checklist- pin