Today, Instagram started a beta test with an exciting brand new feature on its platform: in-app checkout! Instagram is bringing social commerce to its platform, thereby competing with e-commerce giants like Amazon!

Here’s a video from the Social Mavens, my collaboration with Abbie Cornall, where we bring you all the news on Social Media, so you can get results! We go into the benefits of this exciting new feature and how YOU can benefit from it. You can also read more below the video.

So what does social commerce on instagram this mean?

Users will be able to checkout ON instagram. It means they won’t need to go to a website to purchase, but the whole purchase will be handled ON the platform. Paypal is the payment solution instagram partners with.

What does this mean for instagram users?

This is great news for instagram users, because:

  • users can now shop while browsing, without the need to leave the platform
  • shoppers can order with 1 click, because shipping and payment details can be stored inside the app. No need to enter complicated details, or to go and find your credit card!
  • This is a safe solution, compared to buying from an unknown website!


And what are the benefits for us entrepreneurs?

I see a lot of potential for entrepreneurs, especially new entrepreneurs selling physical products:

  • You can get started selling online without the need to create a website with checkout
  • One of the biggest struggles for new entrepreneurs is getting consumers to trust their website. When you sell on instagram, you “borrow” instagram’s credibility and the need to have a high “trust factor” will be lower.
  • It will be easier to get repeat buyers from people who see your posts in their feed and can order with 1 simple click


And how about Facebook / Instagram?

The expectation is that brands will need to pay between 10% and 30% to Facebook for each sale. With 1 billion daily users on the platform, can you imagine the GIGANTIC potential of this for Facebook? I can!!!

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In March 2019, Instagram launched a beta test with in app checkout. This blog post will tell you exactly WHY that is so exciting and how entrepreneurs can benefit from it. Includes a free video training, check it out now! #ecommerce #entrepreneurship