The sheer size and impact of Social Media is unbelievable. I read this article today about Social Media Statistics and I wanted to go through it in this blog post, by going through the 2019 Social Media Statistics.

42% of all people on the planet use Social Media daily

Can you believe that? 42 out of every 100 people on the ENTIRE planet log on to Social Media EVERY SINGLE DAY! That is 3,2 billion people logging in and being active on Social Media every single day. So if you were stil in doubt whether your business should be on social media, I think this is your answer! YES YOU SHOULD! By the way, I launched a brand new collaboration, including a Facebook Group this week, all about Social Media, you can join here!

Think about this, 42% of all people use Social Media daily. To me, this is just unbelievable.


Facebook is still most popular

Even though Facebook is clearly losing popularity here in the Netherlands (I mean, hardly any of my friends and family post on there any more), they are still the market leader, followed by Youtube, What’s App (also Facebook), Messenger (again Facebook), Wechat (a Chinese platform), and Instagram (again… Facebook).  You can find the actual numbers from January 2019 below (source & image: Statista)


We spend a LOT of time on Social Media

An average person spends 2 hours and 22 minutes on Social Media (that number still seems quite low to me, for me it is much higher, how about you, let me know in the comments!). Younger people spend more time on social media than older people, but even those over 55 still spend 1 hour and 13 minutes every day on Social Media!


Influencers can uhm influence!

49% of consumers say they have taken purchase decisions based on influencers’ tips or advice. So if you have a brand that influencers would like to promote, then this statistic is pretty convincing in the POTENTIAL of working with an influencer. (Of course, you need to find the right influencer, which can be a huge challenge).


Social Media Users are on MOBILE

80% of time spent on social media is spent on some kind of mobile device. Make sure to optimize your social media for mobile screens, not desktops!



Are you doing video yet? If not, here’s why you should:

  • Video is the number 1 content type consumers like to consume on social media right now!
  • Video demand is increasing all the time. 54% of consumers say they want to see MORE video from their favorite brands (source: oberlo)!
  • Viewers are way more likely to remember a call to action from a video than from a text!
  • Video also keeps your users engaged for a longer time than all other types of content. And we all know we are fighting for consumers’ attention, so VIDEO is the way to go on Social.
  • Videos are shared 1200% more times than other forms of content

Yes, yes, you HAVE to start doing video if you take your online business seriously. If you don’t know where to start or if video freaks you out, then plan a chat with me to see how I can help!


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